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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Oct 29, 2019

Are you struggling to actually stay consistent with movement?

Do you always start out your movement plan doing the MAXIMUM but after a few weeks, you lose motivation and STOP? I get it. That was me too. There’s a different way! And it actually helps you stay consistent. Long-term. So you don’t have to keep starting and stopping but just keep going.

Calling all new runners, wannabe runners, and current runners who don’t want to hibernate all winter and want to roll into 2020 consistently moving their bodies. Commitment is just three 30 min workouts a week! Already planned for you and customized to meet you where you are. 🌟🏃🏽‍♀️❤️

This program is for women who:

-have completed races but didn't actually stick with running consistently

-need movement in winter for mental health!

-always wanted to run a 5k but didn’t think they were good enough yet

-keep pushing off a race until some magical day

-have never implemented a consistent training plan

-want to end their 2019 feeling motivated and have healthy habits in place when 2020 start

- always wanted to call themselves a runner but never felt confident in themselves

-want to learn to be consistent with movement even AFTER a race is done- getting out of this starting and stopping mindset and instead just doing the thing consistently for life!

We’re not going to do a giant overhaul- we ease into it so you feel confident. The #EaseIntoRunning Circle is OPEN and closes 11/3/19. Register here:




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