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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Sep 4, 2019

I chat with health and life coach Treasa who has just begun a new journey traveling the world and figuring out what intuitive eating looks like for her.


We discuss:

-Leaving the corporate world for a new passion

-When to see a therapist and when to see a life coach

-Traveling and figuring out a way to live the life you want

-Starting intuitive eating after years of “no chocolate this month” and “measure food with a food scale!”

-How making choices for health and wellness looks different than just aesthetics and weight loss

-How challenging yourself is different than living a miserable existence

-Being flexible with food and exercise instead of all or nothing

-How you do one thing is how you do everything- you will see what you’re doing in other areas of your life!

-Identifying your limiting beliefs- the imposter syndrome is in all of us!

-Building resilience when life kicks you down

-Creating a morning routine with movement instead of being on your phone!


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