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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Dec 19, 2018

On today's episode with MaryAnn, we chat about:

-how she overcame an eating disorder and obsession with overexercising by building a stronger relationship with her body


-the comparison trap-why our bodies will never look exactly like someone else’s body, and that’s ok!


-why we need health and fitness NOW so that when we are older, our bodies are strong enough to take care of ourselves- being strong enough to get to the toilet, tub, or our beds when we’re 80 years old, gasp!


-how important sleep is for your body - we can slow down and live a happier life- rest-based living!


-learning what creates stress for you and learn what creates a learning moment for you- it can be different for all of us


-how data can help us create mini steps towards health rather than fixating and judging that we didn’t do enough


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