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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Dec 13, 2018

You're going to love today's episode. Marisa and I chat about:

-how what we identify as can change how we act... we ARE runners

-how calling ourselves an athlete opens up a big door

-movement for FUN and to see what our bodies are capable of

-how working with a coach or teacher helps us improve and get stronger!! And it’s not a knock on ourselves.

-why runners need to keep working on strength to help our knees and the longevity of our bodies (she has a free program- link is below!)

-shifting our energy from dieting (taking away) to instead getting stronger (adding to ourselves)


And the big message- getting out of our own way, learning to completely accept our bodies, and moving on with the fun of life.


Marisa is an online health coach and organizes amazing health retreats.

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Free workout plan:

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