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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

May 29, 2020

"If you love running, be patient and do what works for you."

Kim Ingleby is THE Mind Body Coach you need in your ear.


Kim is a certified Advanced Personal Trainer, UK Athletics & Triathlon Coach, Sports Therapist, Master NLP & Hypnotherapist fusing mindset and performance coaching to help you believe in yourself, and achieve the goals you dream about. Whatever you age, size, background or conditions, Kim has the tools, experience and empathy to help you make it happen with consistency, courage and care.   She has competed for Team GB Age Group Triathlon & Aquathlon, and worked with Team GB athletes & Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars UK equivalent) Professionals, as well as thousands of GP referrals for disordered eating, body dysmoprhia and final stage rehab post operations, as well as people with Spina Bifida, Autism, Diabetes, M.E, C.F.S & neurological conditions.  Kim has done 10 marathons around the World, often in remote place whilst also doing charity work, raising so far, over £86k for many charities.  Her favourite marathon so far is in Romania, her slowest in Sierra Leone where she was last (honestly), and in Scotland where she ran her fastest.  Her most memoriable was the Himalyan 100 mile in India in 2018.  Kim became really ill in 2013, with leptospirosis and secondary viral encephalitis, so as much as being a coach to help you make your first 5km possible or finish a marathon, she gets the fears, doubts, injuries and conditions that come along with committing to a race or just getting out and giving it a go.  Kim see's your potential and will help you realise something is always possible, if not everything.  Leap in and let her help you. 
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