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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Aug 21, 2020

Are you miserable in your body right now?

Tony struggled with his body image and binge eating disorder for years. He would yo-yo and sometimes gain 30lbs in a month. And then he started to make some shifts in the way he was thinking about things. Tony will teach you how to align your relationship with food, body,...

Aug 14, 2020

I finally found relief!

Checkout the video that helped me:



Need help getting started with meals + movement? Try out my coaching...

Aug 7, 2020

Things hadn't gotten better so I started exploring some other options... some 1% shifts... and surprise! 5 days later, I AM FEELING BETTER. Hoping to continue this progress!

p.s. Trying something new in August! I need 10 people to try it out with me. Feeling like crap while at home during the pandemic? I'll help you...