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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Sep 17, 2018

My teacher heart cried during today's episode when Eddy shares how something from elementary school stuck with him through his running and music adventures. 


Eddy is a trail runner, musician, podcaster, and all-around awesome guy. We chat about running and how it can help us with all the challenges that come up in...

Sep 17, 2018

Anyone else try to go from 0 to 100 when it comes to food or working out?
Anyone else a complete jerk to themselves when they "mess up" with something? 
I loved chatting with Susan on today's podcast as she shares her journey from overdoing it with the cardio, becoming a successful half-marathoner with the...

Sep 10, 2018

After our episode, we started chatting about bikini competitions, tracking macros, and marathon training.



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Sep 7, 2018

A lot of us start working out for the aesthetics. Maybe we saw a fitspo account on social media, the comparisonitis began... and we just wanted to fit into clothes better, have confidence in the mirror, wear a bathing suit, tone/get muscles... whatever. 

I loved today's chat with Coach Christa because she gets it....