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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Oct 24, 2018

From Binge Eating to Imperfect Eating is OPEN.

Monica is my Pizza Friday twin. I was in awe hearing her story as there were so many things she said that sounded EXACTLY like me.


In today's episode, we chat about:

-how de-stressing and taking pressure off herself changed her life more than any cardio machine at the gym

-how giving up on being skinny brought so much joy to her life

-how its okay and NECESSARY to accept yourself just as you are

-how she now works out for joy instead of punishing her body... and it's mostly weights these days

-when she realized that there was a voice (inner mean girl) questioning her actions… and how CHOOSING to reframe her thoughts was a game-changer

-her road to normal/imperfect eating… and how it actually included binge eating on the weekend (surprise!) Recovery is not a 30 day program. Recovery has twists and turns. 


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