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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Jul 24, 2018

Have you ever worked out for like 6 months straight, ate super healthy, felt amazing, and then fallen into a hole where these acts felt impossible? 

I've been MIA.

I was consistent with this podcast for 6 months, and this past month has been a mess because of the little voice inside telling me I can't do this.

Here's what I am doing to get myself out of this mini hole before it turns into a giant hole:


Applying imperfect action.


This podcast is not polished. I talk in circles... as I walk in circles.

But it was my mini action to get myself going.

If you're in a hole, I want you to apply action today.


I don't want you to do a 60 minute workout, and I don't want you to plan a whole week's worth of perfect meals. You/we won't be able to keep up with that for life.


Pick a super small action. Even smaller. Something you can do for 7 days straight. And then let's do it for 7 days straight... and repeat some more.





Lemme know what you picked:



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