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Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Jan 29, 2018

My first interview episode! Hear my chat with Registered Dietitian Tveen about how she uses running as her me-time. Tveen is a runner, mom, and whole foods advocate! She teaches moms how to lose the post-baby belly by making themselves a priority. 


You can find Tveen at:

FB: TveenT

IG: happywholeeats.rd

1 on...

Jan 23, 2018

Have you listened to the sh*t you tell yourself? Is it helpful? Does it help you accomplish things or does it make you feel like crap?


Let's dive in. I'll tell ya all about the time I royally messed up at the Chicago Marathon but talked myself through it.





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Jan 6, 2018

Permission to call yourself a runner no matter if you're just starting out with running or if you've been running for years and still don't feel like you're a real runner. Seriously. You are. And a 5 year old would call you one too! 





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